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>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> revamping a community event. how oakland made sure there was no violence at tonight's first friday celebration. >> plus, how a kidnapping victim was able to leave police to her location without the suspect even knowing. >> and a south bay politician forced to resign. the addiction he blames for spending thousands in public funds. good evening, everyone, i'm in for liz. >> i'm ken bastida. it's friday, the weather is beautiful. a perfect night for a friday. the first friday festival is going on right now in oakland. first since a fatal shooting there last night. david jackson with how the city is tightening the rules. david. >> reporter: ken, one of the most pleasant and peaceful friday nights they have had in oakland in a long time. people of all ages, all types, everybody getting along very well. it was a very enjoyable evening, making oakland the happiest place on earth. tonight, oakland was awfully happy and that may be a direct response to the tragic murder of campbell one month ago during art walk. the 18-year-old was shot an
oakland police and the federal government targeted the case gang. they announced they all but dismantelled the gang with 16 arrests as part of operation cease fire. the center piece of oakland's latest crime fighting plan. >> we will use every legal means possible to identify those that are involved in violent crime and to bring them to justice. >> cease fire is one part community, one part enforcement. this is the community part. dozens of volunteers meeting every friday night to walk some of oakland's streets in the dead of night. the stomping grounds for at least 15 gangs along international boulevard. >> we're here to build a relationship in the community. that's all we are trying to do. >> in october, jordan and community members met with the gang, offering to help them find jobs, promise justice if the violence continued. >> today we kept our promise. >> the community is keeping its promise, too, and they believe it is making a difference. however slowly. >> this is not going to happen overnight. if you try to judge the results of these efforts by what happened this morning or
to pay as restitution. >>> oakland's top cop is on the offensive, a p.r. offensive. kpix 5 tells us while hisofficers worked to clean up the streets that the chief is busy clean up the department's image. >> we're going to be doing things differently. >> reporter: whether it is announcing police patrols. >> this is the first step in doing it. >> reporter: counting the latest criminal sweeps. >> we have a lot of good news. >> reporter: or knocking back bad stories. oakland police chief has recently become a lot more aggressive when it comes to dealing with the press. >> we want to be a person to tell our story. and as the chief of police it is my responsibility to do that. >> reporter: maybe, but in recent years events like occupy along with questions about the police shootings and the conduct and the fear of the federal takeover in the department, they often had the cops playing defense. >> and we have been forced sometimes here to react to negative stories. and so we will be taking advantage of the positive stories, telling them before they are broken by some news organization. >> report
ayers shows us: th got an >>> oakland's mayor and police chief met tonight to get their recommendations for cracking down on crime. and they got an earful. >> reporter: hundreds of oakland residents gathered in classrooms. >> what would you like to us do differently? >> reporter: answered questions that she and a team of consultants will launch a comprehensive plan. >> the purpose of this is to solicit information from the community to tell us what has taken place in your neighborhoods. >> reporter: drug dealing, prostitution, burglary, and amongst neighbors, deep-seated doubt. >> we're not going to be able to reduce crime in the city unless we heal the relationship between the police department and the community. >> reporter: the community is skeptical of police and their plans to dissect oakland into five parts patrolled by officers who know the areas well. the department tried and abandoned the strategy a few years ago. >> it is something that we tried before, but i think in this case because we're getting -- making a concerted effort to get community involvement, i think it will hel
, volunteers from an oakland church were out picking up trash today as kpix 5's patrick sedillo shows us they believe it's a positive first step to preventing crime. >> if you go to tracy as a baby -- >> it's pretty bad out there. pretty commuted. >> reporter: the other city by the bay. oakland streets are lined with trash along international boulevard. >> something needs to happenner. >> reporter: something is. this crew of 30 volunteers are out in the streets today. on their own time, led by bishop bob jackson from ax gospel church. >> so much trash and garbage in our beautiful city and we've had enough. >> watch out for needles. >> reporter: and gathered it in front of the bishop's church. in order to be picked up later. he says that urban blight adds to bad behavior. >> the city manager robert bob had a saying, he said where there's grime, there's crime. where there's a lot of grime, there's a lot of crime. >> reporter: he blames the proliferation of fast food restaurants and lack of trash receptacles in the city as working with city leaders to get more of them out there. >> we all n
. >>> a major break in that violent shooting and car crash in las vegas that killed an oakland rap artist. after a week on the run, the prime suspect is arrested. >>> horror for a woman standing with her child quite a distance from the shooting that killed two santa cruz police officers. she's hit by a stray bullet. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. those stories in a minute. a wild fire is right now burning out of control. voluntary evacuations are in effect south of rancho larupa regional park. the fire broke out just after 4:00 this afternoon. it spread from ten acres to 50 in an hour threening homes and buildings. right now, it's only 20% contained and it is unclear what sparked the blaze, but authorities believe it may have been downed power lines. >> after a week on the run, 26- year-old ammar harris is in jail tonight accused of killing three people on the vegas strip, including a rapper from oakland. kpix5's kristen ayers tells us that investigators pulled out all the stops to get their man. >> police knew their suspect by name. ammar harris' pictures ross bill
and intend to keep them. >>> something to celebrate for oakland police. they recovered a priceless piece of california history. taken in a brazen museum burglary, but kpix5 tells us the case is far from closed. >> it's been many sleepless nights. >> it may look like an expensive jewelry box, but this evokes a will the of emotion. it's one of the iconic pieces in this museum. and when they got the call yesterday that it had been recovered -- >> i cried. i pulled over and i burst into tears. >> oakland police say andre franklin has been charged with possession of stolen property. they have been looking for him for the past three weeks and found him driving in oakland on sunday. they would not say if there are other suspects. >> this is an on going investigation of what he told us why it was stolen. i don't want to jeopardize the case. we are actively trying to get items back. >> other items are gold nuggets. the box was taken in january. it was valued years ago at $800,000, long before the price of gold skyrocketed and is priceless for its historic value. it's that history that clicke
. >>> good evening. >> two hong time oakland city council members are facing corruption allegations that could cost them their jobs. cbs 5's dah lin says they tried to steer a lucrative city contract to their person of choice. >> reporter: city staff was forced to work with construction companies they favored. >> it's problematic to know that employees are being coerced. >> reporter: councilwomen libra committed the most violations, a dozen. >> one council member who repeats and repeats and repeats violating the law. >> reporter: her investigation shows brooks and councilman larry reed directed city employees to work with a specific contractor on the oakland army base demolition project. worth about $2 million. >> in no way did i violate the city charter. >> reporter: reed calls the finding a big lie. he only suggested that staff open up the army base contract bid to other companies. >> that oakland based firms, minority, women owned business, have a right to bid on any contract. >> reporter: the auditor's report slams brooks saying she overstepped her power by selecting contractors
with the girls still inside. mom and daughter were reunited. and oakland police release this video of a suspect wanted for trying to kidnap a nine-year- old girl. the young girl played in front of her home on the 1200 block of 94th avenue. the stranger approached her and began to touch her inappropriately. a family member was able to intervene. the man fled and was last seen jumping into a silver 1990s honda civic. police say he is in his late 20s, 5'8" with a black goatee. >> also tonight, an 8-year-old girl from san rafael is recovering from an arrow wound. juliette goodrich on the class field trip that went haywire. >> this isone of the arrows found in the hillside below the lawrence hall of science. the other arrow was lodged in a little girl's leg. she was struck while sitting on the whale structure in front of the lawrence hall of science. she was on a field trip with his third grade class. michael was one of the parent chaperons from the school. >> i guess she was somewhere out there and she fell down. >> 8-year-old girl was taken to children's hospital in oakland. the arrow still in
. >>> here's a live look at downtown oakland where the temperature hit nearly 80 degrees today. paul says big changes are coming for this easter weekend. paul. >> i'll tell you what, we will see a big dip in temperatures coming in over the weekend. down to the 60s and then we're going to look at radar. already the evening, kpix5 is tracking some showers, just skirting the coastline. you may get a shower or two, but these showers will be moving inland. the same catalyst for the very warm and humid weather today. that's off to our west. will be the same storm system that slides into the bay area over the weekend and impact you both tomorrow and for easter sunday. a whole lot of cloud cover out there tomorrow morning with scattered showers. as the weekend wears on, not only will the threat of rain increase, but the threat of thunderstorms. we'll talk more about the thunderstorm risk and how much rain we expect this weekend. >> all right, looking forward to that, thanks, paul. >>> several shots fired in east oakland this afternoon. at least one causing flying debris that injured a ten-year- old
have some breaking news now out of oakland. we're learning a sheriff's deputy and a suspect have been shot at fruitvale avenue and san leandro street just a couple of blocks from the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. this happened in just the last few minutes. we have a reporter on the way and we will have more details on the news at 11:00 on the sister station kpix 5. >>> a college student gunned down in cold blood on the bay area street. the shooter still on the loose. police say the shooting happened around 3:00 a.m. near the intersection of 24th and bryant in san francisco's mission district. kpix 5's don knapp spoke with neighbors earlier tonight about the murder. >> reporter: family members, friends and neighbors gather on the streets of this house in bryant street to remember and mourn the death of a college student who was home on spring break. jacob vadlevedo were walking on the street when according to san francisco police a hispanic male got out of a vehicle and asked him if he were a gang member and then shot him. he was taken to a hospital where he died. the gunman fled. the fr
temperatures holding steady, 52 san francisco, and then just due east of the bay bridge, oakland at 54-degree. we had 58 degrees to 74 degrees in napa. >> 68 in san jose, which is above average through concord and clayton into walnut creek. >> do you still need that extra blanket? into the bay and inland areas, numbers dropping to 38 degrees and sonoma. >> tomorrow's high, warmer than today, and averaging three degrees above normal. ? san francisco to nine degrees above average in oakland. san jose, we'll see 70 up from the average high, 67 degrees. >> clear skies tonight, cool temps. tomorrow, sunrise, 7:28, a bit of a shock to commuters. >> above normal temperatures, being called for. beach weather. in fact, let's head to santa cruz. 73 degrees. ten to 15 miles per hour winds. >> here we go. setting the stage for your week ahead, jet stream obviously well to the north. there you have the clouds taking the track of a very vigorous jet stream. precipitation running into british columbia, as well as the pacific northwest. we saw those clouds today. kind of a dirty ridge of high pressure. today
right, now check this out. they released a time lapse video of the work being done here on the oakland airport connector. bart transit officials closed all the lanes of northbound interstate 880 between 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. this morning as it is a part of thbig construction project that will connect them to oakland international airport. and they will close it at one more time next sunday. >>> well, free parking near the at&t park is nothing, but a memory now. for months the municipal transportation agency has been putting in parking meters at the bay area between bryant and king on 5th and 2nd street. kpix 5 is on third street where parking costs a lot more on game days. sue? >> reporter: oh yes. now at the moment, this is after 10:00 where they say free parking. but that was not the case earlier today. now the game is over and people are walking back to their cars where some of them are finding an expensive surprise on their windshield. he is feeling pretty lucky to have found a parking lot near the ballpark just in time for the world baseball classics. >> we went around a couple of tim
are searching for the suspect. >>> a fresh batch of new officers is beefing up oakland's thin blue line. the city welcomed 38 new officers from the police academy graduating class today. that brings the total number of officers in the east bay city to 649. it is also the first academy to graduate in more than four years. one newly minted officer tells kpix5 the department's new emphasis on community policing will be key. >> without community policing and working with the public, we can't accomplish anything. we are only as good as what we serve. as long as we are able to reach out, we respect each other, it will be good. >> the 38 new officers will do field training for the next 15 weeks. this is also the first class to end its field training by having new officers work with an oakland nonprofit organization. >> and police all over the bay area did their own dispatching today by participating in the first ever 24 hour police tweet- a-thon. it's meant to educate the public about policework and promote social media as a law enforcement tool. police have been tweeting for the past two y
. kpix 5 juliette goodrich is at children's hospital in oakland where the boy is in serious condition tonight. juliette goodrich, how is he doing? >> reporter: julie, 12-month- old elijah was in surgery all day today. doctors were actually removing bullet fragments from his neck. his family is here tonight in actual disbelief that their little baby was shot in a place where they considered safe, their home. >> i guess i'm lucky to have my son. >> reporter: the 12-month-old son elijah was sitting on the floor of the family's richmond apartment when he was shot in the neck by a stray bullet from somewhere outside. >> and my mom grabbed them, running into the kitchen. >> reporter: he was at work and rushed to the hospital. they were home feeding them when shots rang out. police say that the shooter was aiming a man in his 20s. elijah was hit by the wild bullet. >> reporter: what have the doctors told you? >> that he'll be fine, honestly. i guess there is some fragments in his neck. >> just unbelievable that the 1- year-old could be inside their home and be struck by gunfire. >> reporter:
oakland, liver moore 54 degrees. it was beautiful over the weekend. i.'s going to cool down a little bit over the work week. temperatures around 52 degrees. we've got high clouds coming in for the rest of the bay area and will make their appearance tonight. clouds on the increase and it might turn a little wet for the north bay on wednesday. for most of the bay area this will be a dry week. the next shot of rain will come in next weekend. look at the big freeze over much of the upper mid-west and out of new england, new york city 39 degrees and boston is 41. nation's capital at 39. our dry weather will persist until the end of the week. wednesday's chance is not much of a chance. if you want to see what things are going to look like in advance that's why we have future cast. look at the clouds coming in over the bay area. we have peaks of sunshine tomorrow. 70 in sacramento, 80 in treasure no. we have mostly sunny skies tomorrow, little patchy fog especially near the shore line. inland and around the
. hmm. okay. on cue there. >> look at this. >> it's so -- so up fair. in oakland off of 880 annual event a couple of bucks for admission we'll be moving on to randy college next. but it will still be open tomorrow for all of your enjoyment. rain or shine. we have this looks really ominous doesn't it? it's kind of deceiving because it's actually verga, it's rain that's evaporating and the very dry air mass wedy have a little bit of -- we did have a little bit of a light sprinkle occurring in santa rosa. but this is live hi-def doppler radar and they are dissipated. we'll keep the sprinkles in the forecast, yeah not so fair tomorrow. currently, it's very mild numbers. 53 for one of coolest spots in san francisco and in san to rosa. otherwise it's still 59 in livermore. pleasanton and? dublin. today's highs ten degrees cooler than yesterday in santa row seay. down from 81 to 71 degrees. in oakland at 74 yesterday. today 72 and upper 60s san francisco. 74 around santa rosa tonight overnight tonight. very mild with the blanket of clouds and into the 30s and 40s for again overnight lows. we wi
. there will bic cos lighting up that chart. 46 degrees concord, 49 oakland liver more 46, san francisco at the airport, 47 degrees on the time lapse that is where it is coming from low pressure digging out of the gulf of alaska and heading toward california. increasing clouds will lead to rain and an inch or so, expected in the coastal mountains high pressure gets nudged east we will finally get wet in the bay area. this will not bring us back from the 75 average rainfall where we are at now. we have snow expected in the mountains where storm warnings are posted 10 to 20 inches. 60-mile an hour winds will accompany the storm too. high wave hazard as well sneaker waves possible because of a long period of swell in the pacific. you don't want to be on rocks or jetties because of sneaker waves. a model of how the atmosphere should look over the next 24 hours. not much at sunrise. we will wake up to some sun around the bay area. late inner the day clouds over spread the bay area. by this time tomorrow night marin will be wet and so, too, the bay area. 61 santa rosa, 64 fairfield. cooler pac
and no word on a motive. >>> an emotional day in an oakland courtroom for a woman whose husband came to the bay area for a job area and was murdered. she was returning to his rental car in july of 2010 when two people approached and demanded money. he told them he had only $17 and he was shot to death. video caught the suspects leaving the scene. today his widow came face-to-face with the accused. >> even though i have to face all this againisti wanted to do this last thing for my husband. so i'm trying my best to do this. >> his widow is headed home to virginia tonight. doesn't know if she will return. the defendant, george huggins, is facing the death penalty. his girlfriend and alleged accomplice is expected to testify against him. >>> a san francisco man will be facing felony dui and manslaughter charges in the death of a teenager on her 17th birthday. chang was a junior at lowel high school and a member of the track team. just yesterday, supervisors approved improvements look the boulevard. >>> the santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest tomorr
diverting roofing material, it would be huge. >> working with the company in oakland is starting to pilot project called roofs to roads. now the old asphalt shingles could end up here. they would be ground up and used as an additive to new asphalt instead of the dump. about time. >> the newest and greatest thing, you know, they've been doing it for 25 years back east and we are finally catching on. >> caltrans is studying the new mixture. so far, the tests on private roads looks good. in marin county, kpix5. >>> just what does it really take to afford rent in the bay area these days? a new study shows it can take working more hours than there are in a day if you are making minimum wage. john ramos with one bay area county where more than half of the population can't afford to pay rent. >> the government defines affordable housing as costing less than a third of your income. but a new study is out that says california's average two bedroom apartment is now more than $1300. and for that to be affordable, your full-time job would have to pay $26.02 per hour. >> what if you don't make $26
in marin county tonight. doctors at children's hospital oakland removed this 20-inch cross bow arrow from na dean harrison's leg. she was hit yesterday while playing on a model whale. now, in order to stay calm nay dean sang taylor sweft songs to hearst. the archer still has not been found. >>> new evidence shows your genes can help identify whether you are likely to get cancer. marly hal explains how this could be vital in preventing that disease. >> harden never thought she was get breast cancer. >> i had a breast sonogram and that's when they found that i had stage 0 cancer. >> the 42 -year-old didn't have a history of the disease in her family. >> no one could explain to me why i was getting cancer, if genetically, you know, i wasn't set up. >> now, new research may be able to help identify people who are at increased risk for cancer before they get it. scientists from around the globe uncovered genes that could increase a person's chances of developing breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. >> it's all about predicting who might get cancer and avoiding the disease if at all possible. t
bridge, can't see it right? there you go, bay bridge under mostly cloudy skies right now. in oakland, 52. to the west, san francisco 48. substantially cooler than it was 24 hours ago. meanwhile, today was cooler than it was yesterday. a pair of 5s in pacifica. 67degrees in san rafael. a few raindrops in santa rosa. did you see that very quickly. your overnight lows, 30s and 40s. areas of patchy fog. tomorrow will kick start with some clouds, end up with some sunshine and the rain begins by tuesday evening. commute this week, trough is out of here. moving to the east after a few raindrops. more importantly, it opened the door for this. a more potent, stronger, rainy system. associated with it. tation but we do have some cooler air mass, and it will begin to invade the bay area as early as this. watch your future cast. here's tonight with the cloud cover, and areas of patchy fog. here is your monday. we went through it dry. tuesday, 11:00 a.m., to the north, you see that frontal boundary as it begins to slide through the central bay. there you have the unveiling of the light show at the ba
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